The Need:

During our work with local volunteer organizations in past years, we learned that during the holiday season, many families in our area are in need of Christmas Trees. We were told of a story at a local school, when Santa came to visit kids, he kept asking them what they wanted most for Christmas. Many of the students simply replied “I would like a Christmas Tree” and we realized that so many local families can not only not afford toys for their kids, but they couldn’t even afford a Christmas tree at all. We quickly decided that something could be done about this, and our Buy-a-Tree, Give-a-Tree program was born.


Shop our selection of fresh-cut Christmas trees, grown by our local growing partner Strathmeyer Trees. Choose your desired delivery week, and we will get your tree reserved and scheduled for delivery. For every tree we sell this season, we will buy and donate a tree to a local family in need. We have partnered with Lancaster City and the Lancaster Recreation Commission to identify and distribute the trees to families.

Trees will be available for purchase and donation on November 1st, 2019!

Bloombox Team delivering free trees and decorations in 2017.

Bloombox Team delivering free trees and decorations in 2017.